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An eco-friendly, conscious community space at the foot of the sacred Aravalli Mountain in Udaipur that serves the awakening of humanity. The main methodology followed was building a self-efficient structure which stands in all the harsh climatic situations of the city.

The use of water body for evaporative cooling and a soothing aesthetics for visual and sensory response is best suited for hot and dry climate of Udaipur. Also with the help of measures such as water body and by increasing tree and vegetative cover steps are taken to minimize the heat island effect. The establishment of the edifice in the exposed stone masonry structure on the idealism of living sustainably in harmony with nature. For building, we have experimented with mud, bamboo and local stone for this dwelling.

The project harnesses a particular advantage of circle-shaped plans: the ability to create continuous, curving façades that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Thus the Organic forms help utilizing the high solar gain inherent within this layout. The lack of corners within this configuration minimizes isolated pockets of space and encourages a truly communal space distribution such as, common public room, a private room with attached kitchen and bathroom, a Library on first floor for learning experience. The highlight is the Bridge which connects the bedroom with the hall.

The purpose of the space is to host to pilgrims for meditation, counselling guests and on retreat and festive celebration center. The elevation is painted with Warli painting which is a traditional tribal art originated from Maharashtra.

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