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Roast Coffee Shop


Coffee Shop





A rare occurrence, the parametrically-designed vintage coffee shop houses a more traditional track system and responds to the physical and experiential dynamics with exploiting the shop’s eclectic mix of 1950’s modernist features. 

Roast Coffee structure’s is designed on the Sustainable Design strategy which is created with reused plywood which is environmentally friendly and is coated with laminates. Use of the recycled materials which can be easily removed run concurrently with the wood which reflects an ethos of vintage and polish.

The maximum dimension of the shop is 8 ft.X12 ft.X3 in. which has a front desk counter has a storage in it. It took a time of 3-4 days for the manufacture of this unit. An integrated lighting fixture is assembled which simplifies the lighting system and takes a time of 2 minutes for connecting all of them including coffee machine.

On the other hand the shop is designed on the ‘modular concept & modular finish, edge bending’ built with a metal frame and covering it with a ply which is hollow from inside to keep it light in weight. This structure can be easily installed and dismantled within half an hour with the help of two manpower and is easily transportable. The total project completion cost was INR 1.25 Lacs.

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