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Old School House-2







There are a lot of existing accommodation types that are “a bit like” coliving—depending on what was asked. Thus merging the interiors with Vintage design was tricky as well as on the other hand, it’s easy to merge the different materials together in a modern way. Such vintage interiors create balance and we were able to reach the perfect equilibrium between modern and rustic.


Materials such as Exposed Brick, Pine Wood, Bamboo for balconies and kadappa Black stone for flooring all the sustainable materials that can be used in the present without compromising its availability for use by later generations.

The feel is like stepping back in time with traditional exposed brick in lounge and living area blending with pine wood furniture, artisan paintings and modern facilities such as pantry and coffee counter. Together they provide the modern user with everything required for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in the unique vintage home.
The property have all feature such as bedrooms, with the option to accommodate extra people in the living area, and have an additional access to bedroom from the bathroom way near pantry.

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