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''Alone we can do so Little, and Together we can do so Much'' - Helen Keller

My Design Story is an open collaborative platform for architects and designers. This creative adda has created distinctive dream homes, farmhouses, multi-storey apartments and hotels. All the projects and products from My Design Story follow unique storylines with innovative ideas from its founders.


It all started in 2011, when Ar. Amit Gaurav came back to Udaipur after finishing his Masters from Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom. He believes if a building can feel like it naturally ‘belongs’, or fits logically in a place, to an environment and to time and culture, then the people that inhabit the building will feel a sense of belonging. This methodology connects theories of beauty, confidence, economy and comfort.


Amit has convened several workshops on Guerrilla Lighting, Mud construction, Bamboo structures, Heritage Walks and Acting. Gathering talented minds from various design fields creates combined knowledge base to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions.

"Welcome to My Design Story community. Lets make this world a better place to live".

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